Vic Mensa




Executive Director

Troy Gueno

Troy Gueno is a creative specializing in photo and video. He is from the south side of Chicago and holds a degree in Business Economics. Through SaveMoneySaveLife, he uses his skills to re-humanize and highlight the creative passions in POC. Troy is the

Director of Media for SaveMoneyStudios and 

The Ave.

Core Team

Holly Hough

Holly Hough is a third year nursing student at UWMilwaukee with an interest in public and mental health specifically as it relates to violence and trauma. She works to promote health across all continuums and to actively combat injustices that affect individuals’ ability to be well. Holly is a facilitator for our 

Street Medix program.

Harmony Gonzalez

Harmony Gonzalez is a Chicago native.

Harmony writes for SaveMoneySaveLife. She aims to aid Chicago communities by sharing accurate narratives and fostering change through socially and politically conscious content.