OUR MISSION is to use art and entertainment to foster sustainable change. 

We aim to curate accessible events and knowledge that uplifts and contributes to pushing culture and creativity further.  At our core, SMSL is a creative cohort - engaging community with cross-cultural, interdisciplinary programs and resources. Our place-based and project-oriented work uses S.T.E.A.M. education to facilitate experiences that integrates contemporary cultural art, traditional knowledge, and community service.

The overall purpose of SMSL is to highlight and empower BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color). Period. 

Through a traditional lens, we aim to help where needed, educate and build.  We recognize we are continually learning, and move with humility.  


It is necessary to acknowledge the foundational component behind SMSL.


Creating an infrastructure for intersectionality, which reflects on the inter-connnectedness of Black & Indigenous people was and is the motivating factor.

My journey here in Chicago has just begun. I spent the last two years carefully examining the historical, health and justice issues that inarguably sets precedence for the violence plaguing communities in this city.


Moving forward, SMSL will fluidly incorporate Indigenous practices and ideologies to our initiatives. “As there are many manifestations of blackness, black people are also displaced Indigenous peoples. We are clear that there is no Black Liberation without Indigenous sovereignty. Our liberation is only realized when ALL people are free. Free to access clean water. Free from institutional racism. Free to Live whole and healthy lives not subject to state-sanctioned violence.”

Executive Director - Laundi Keepseagle